Craniosacral Therapy

Our bodies have a rhythm like the rhythm of our heart & lungs.

Like bodies of water ebb and flow the cerebrospinal fluids coming from the head help the spine and brain to function correctly and keep the body in motion as it should be. As a Craniosacral Therapist Frances gently helps the body to self-regulate by a very light touch so the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid replenishes the life giving waters of our central nervous system and sends life giving nutrients to the brain and spinal cord. When the central nervous system is functioning properly the body works better to heal itself. This work helps us evolve through our emotions and body.

Benefits include:
- Holistic approach that incorporates the body, mind and spirit

- Decrease in pain.... increase in mobility of joints, tissues and fluids, improvement in overall health and functions

- Decrease in negative influences of thoughts, stress and emotions on health and Well Being

- Support for other treatment interventions including chronic fatigue syndrome, post-traumatic stress and migraine headaches

- Increase your ability to maintain health through awareness gained in the treatment process

  • Gain emotional, and spiritual, wisdom, and insight, through the physical body.

“I feel that Frances has helped me raise my general level of health. She has improved my health overall. Her work is deep and brings me a greater well being with each session.”

- K. Psychotherapist