Workshop Schedule

Discovering the Magic in your Hands

Join us for this First Friday event on March 1, 2019 at Flourish Body Care in White River Junction, VT, from 6-7. This one hour class offers creams, lotions and potions as well as flower essences to place on hands and marma points to activate the energy of that point. It will be relaxing and informative.

Mary Magdalene and the Rise of the Divine Feminine

Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 5:50-6:30. 10 Stratton Rd. Rutland, VT., at the Beautiful 5 Elements Salon and Day Spa.

Anti Aging Skin Care Class

Saturday, April 6, 2019, at 10:30. 3 West Seminary St. Brandon, VT. Offered at the Magical store, Sister Wicked. This 1 hour class is $15. We will massage lymphatic system, Thyroid and use hand techniques to bring circulation to brain/scalp. Magical tea will be served as well. Not to be missed!

Radical Self Care and Engaging the 6 Senses.

Saturday,May 18, 2019. 10-2pm . Northeast Kingdom of VT. This is a technique-based, and experiential, class for healing the nervous system, restoring calm, and engage your 6 senses.

Mary Magdalene and The Rise of the Divine Feminine

Friday, November 16 at 6pm. 58 North Main St. WRJ, VT.

Her name means "Tower" in Hebrew. In this gathering we will recognize the significance of this oft misunderstood figure. Come honor and celebrate the revitalizing role of the divine feminine in Mary Magdalene and ourselves.

Class is full...THANK YOU ALL who signed up.

Private Yoga Classes offered around community on an ongoing basis with Social Services and Private Organizations.


"We enjoyed learning techniques that helped to calm us, focus us and enhance our health. Your instructions were clear and experiential. We look forward to the next time we get to see you. Thank you Frances". KR, VT.

“"I am indebted to Frances for balancing my energy. It was a catalyst for a multitude of steps towards self-healing. Frances awakened my "inner Goddess" whom I lost at age 3 in an effort to please the world that was mine. I am now 63. I can finally understand, accept and embrace myself and the path I am on."”

- RI (re-invented) Wilder, VT.