Yoga & Mudra Instruction

Yoga Therapy: Helping you reach your full potential

My style of teaching Yoga is based on the principles of allowing the healthy blood to move efficiently through the body, incease stamina, posture, heart performance, muscle tone and respiration. I am able to open up or release tight spots or areas of poor circulation, through asanas or postures.

Many common physical ailments and defects, including chronic disorders, can be improved by a good and consistent Yoga practice.

Some of the benefits of each asana may include:
standing poses for vitaliy; the sitting poses for calming; twists are cleansing; prone poses to energizie; inverted poses give mental strength; backbends are energizing; jumping poses help develop nimblness; Pranayama is utilized for breathing.


Frances has practiced hand and foot reflexology for 19 years and has taught yoga for 25 years. More recently Frances has started to offer hand mudras, a natural and synergestic evolultion of her practice.

Benefits of this ancient healing modality include help with circulation, hormonal balance, joint flexibility and spiritual growth.

“I was five months pregnant with my third child and working full time. I needed energy to get through the day. One session with Frances and I had amazing energy. I would love to do this every week!”

- Kelly M., Washington, D.C.