A.L. , NH

"'Frances, you are a miracle worker! Everyday the low back pain referred to my foot has diminished, and WAY less pain walking. I am SO grateful to you for helping me care for my temple.""

C. C. Restaurant Manager

"I have received GREAT results! Much better clarity, relaxed, better circulation, and overall wellness. I highly recommend Frances."

Joni C., Hartford, VT

"This experience was instantly healing. I left feeling more grounded and focused; more capable of enjoying each day and dealing with the real world."

K. M. Health Fitness Specialist

"Frances has helped me with her calm spirit, and in the moment care. I always recommend her."

K. Psychotherapist

"I feel that Frances has helped me raise my general level of health. She has improved my health overall. Her work is deep and brings me a greater well being with each session."

Kelly M., Washington, D.C.

"I was five months pregnant with my third child and working full time. I needed energy to get through the day. One session with Frances and I had amazing energy. I would love to do this every week!"

M. W. Bartender

"Frances helped my neck, shoulder and knee. Foot pains are feeling Much Better, more range of motion in shoulder. Also, a mental clarity that's noticeable after each appt."

M.M. Orford, NH

""I have been seeing Frances for a while now. The ways in which Frances has helped me on my journey in this life have far surpassed anything I could have envisioned. My having the courage to believe that Reflexology would be a path to relief on any level of my life was enough at first. The amazing abilities that Frances possesses and shares with so much Love are Amazing. I seem to be on an adventure in learning to pursue a life very different than the one that I was for so long indoctrinated into. Frances' patience and guidance are Amazing. I am blessed to continue to learn with so much help from Frances. The courage to change was the key for me. I found Frances when I had just enough to try. WOW what an Adventure.
Frances, thank you."

R.E.M., Corinth, VT

"Reflexology was a real surprise for me. It works! And Frances is an authentic, no nonsense, perceptive practitioner. I highly recommend her work."

RI (re-invented) Wilder, VT.

""I am indebted to Frances for balancing my energy. It was a catalyst for a multitude of steps towards self-healing. Frances awakened my "inner Goddess" whom I lost at age 3 in an effort to please the world that was mine. I am now 63. I can finally understand, accept and embrace myself and the path I am on.""

Thea C, Harford, VT

"Frances is amazing. Reflexology is an art, hard to master, but Frances is very skilled. She is also nice; do not even worry about that!"

“Frances has helped me with her calm spirit, and in the moment care. I always recommend her.”

- K. M. Health Fitness Specialist