Becoming a whole person physically, emotionally, and mentally.


$490 integrative appointment. Three extensive sessions. Including initial intake and inital consult, bodywork, take home annointing oils for daily use, mudras and/or breathing techniques specific to your needs along with a mantra,, as well as 2 follow up 1.5 hour appointments.


$225 first appointment. Including intake, annointing oils to take home and hand mudras specific to your personal needs to follow up at home to support and strengthen your desired outcome.

$150 for 1.5 hours. Either for the initial appointment and/or follow ups. Some people prefer every session 1.5 hour

$100 for 60 minute follow up appointment.

please give 24 hour notice, otherwise payment due in full.

“I feel that Frances has helped me raise my general level of health. She has improved my health overall. Her work is deep and brings me a greater well being with each session.”

- K. Psychotherapist