Somato Emotional Processing

Becoming a whole person physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Somato Emotional Processing work assists with releasing the muscles, tissues and/or organs that hold trauma or any discomfort emotionally and physically. Clients feel "lighter and less anxiety" after a session.

I continutally hear of clients feeling this work on every level, physically, emotionally and spirtiually. We will go from not only "accepting" our life or situattions, we begin to move into "understanding and merging" with every aspect of our lives with this work.

Offering help with FLINKING (feeling and thinking through the heart center) techniques to follow up with at home to help with processing the work and feeling comfortable with new ideas that come into your conscious mind has been found to be helpful.

“Frances helped my neck, shoulder and knee. Foot pains are feeling Much Better, more range of motion in shoulder. Also, a mental clarity that's noticeable after each appt.”

- M. W. Bartender