Somato Emotional Processing

Becoming a whole person

Somato Emotional Processing assists with releasing the muscles, tissues and/or organs that hold trauma or emotional and physical discomfort. Clients feel "lighter with less anxiety" after a session.

I repeatedly hear of clients who say they feel this work on every level, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Clients often move from "accepting" their life situations, and begin to move into "understanding and merging" with every aspect of their lives with this work. In the Somato work I will be present and hold space for your processing. Somato Emotional Processing helps us to feel comfortable in our own skin and comfortable with our shadow and light side. The rewards of this work helps with Balance and bring you to the truest and highest expression of yourself.

As clients release and renew I provide the appropriate essential oils on the body, flower essences as well as Angelic and Celestial Colour Sprays, High grade and Pure Essential oils. The sprays are Energetically charged water with sacred stones and essential oils. My clients absolutely love them!

“Frances helped my neck, shoulder and knee. Foot pains are feeling Much Better, more range of motion in shoulder. Also, a mental clarity that's noticeable after each appt.”

- M. W. Bartender