FEELING and THINKING throught the heart center along with the mind to help you in myriad ways, and at the same time help heal community and our beautiful earth. Because we are taught how to use the mind to accomplish tasks and make decisions, which is half way there, adding choices from the heart center will allow your choices to be grounded in Wholeness.

The heart center has its own intelligence and is much more expansive beyond the minds' capabilities of perception. Energy going in and out strengthens the heart. The heart center incorporates the wisdom that is unknown to the mind and allows truth and love in your life. It works through Love and Love is unconditional- it is our Origin, and who you are, not something that is "done" for you unconditionally.

One of my favorite quotes to keep my heart centered is: Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hrad battle.

Thinking and Feeling through the heart increases our energy level and helps us feel emotions come into the body and feelings are a receptive state.

The body doesn't lie, however, the mind is quite capabale of creating stories. The body only speaks in Feelings and truth. Let's Listen!

There are many ways to achieve a FLINKING state. In time it will become completely natural. Here are some simple ways to start implementing FLINKING. One or all of these may speak to your heart. I will elaborate on each of these in future blogs. Each one deserves its own time.

*Making choices that create Oneness for yourself and community

*Being comfortable in/with your shadow side

*Uisng flower essences

*Creating the perfect mantra/chant for you that makes you feel good

*Implementing a hand mudra to your daily practice

*Being in nature

*Using healing stones

*Nurturing your heart using essential oils

*Strengthening the senses by placing flowers around your home and bed

*Doing specific yoga poses

*Surrounding yourself with loving people and things that bring life

*Craniosacral work (somato emotional processing to be specific)

*Breathing tecniques

*Treating yourself to choclate (without sugar)

*Healthy eating habits

*Creating art/poetry or reading poetry






“I have received GREAT results! Much better clarity, relaxed, better circulation, and overall wellness. I highly recommend Frances.”

- C. C. Restaurant Manager