CLASS on 1/10/18

Please do one or all of these until we meet again.


Breathing in SO exhaling out HUM

To do the oil pulling use one tbs. of coconut oil or Banyan Botanicals has a "Daily Swish" available. After oil pulling it's important to use a stainless steel tongue scraper to remove any excess AMA (toxins) from the tongue.

Solavedi, Shankara and Banyan Botanicals are all fantastic companies that have lymph clearing oils to apply before shower (ideally done after using a raw silk glove over entire body in a gentle manner. It should feel warming to your system).

The PUSHAN MUDRA: Right hand thumb, index and middle finger connecting. Left hand the thumb, middle and ring together.Then keep left hand same and change Right hand thumb, ring and pinky finger connecting. I encourage you to do this everyday until we meet again, 4x a day 5-10 minutes each time.

also, daily a Breathing technique, try in cat pose(we sat down in class) First take deep breath and then pump your stomach breathing out rapidly. Do that until your "know" you are done. It's a good way to wake up your body in the morning.

You will be encouraged, and surprised, I am sure if you do this each morning at how rapidly you grow in length and strengthen the mind and spririt.



“Frances helped my neck, shoulder and knee. Foot pains are feeling Much Better, more range of motion in shoulder. Also, a mental clarity that's noticeable after each appt.”

- M. W. Bartender