Somato Emotional Processing and Merging with Every Aspect of Ourselves

One of the many benefits of Somato Emotional Processing is to help us move forward from our old internal dialogue to a new way of working in the world. One of the ways our body heals is through merging with every aspect of ourselves. Embracing, loving, merging with our shadow, and light, sides. The light and joyful side is always appealing and easy to access, but the shadow side can be trickier. However, I have found that our shadow side is where our wisdom lays. With support going into our shadow side is not so scary, however, it can be uncomfortable. In fact, clients have felt the discomfort, at the beginning, but then when they move through it physically there is enormous relief on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. When merging with the shadow it holds nothing over them, which allows for a higher consciousness and self-power to emerge and grow. It's so humbling and touching to see clients tap into their power and gain confidence in themselves. Alleviating pain physically and emotionally.

The Somato work, flower essences, essential oils, chanting, to name a few, are also supportive of this transition.

“I have received GREAT results! Much better clarity, relaxed, better circulation, and overall wellness. I highly recommend Frances.”

- C. C. Restaurant Manager