Beauty sings to our hearts. Beauty is necessary to survive and thrive. It is given as a gift to us as part of our healing process. Connecting and feeling the depth and colors of a painting, the sight, smell, and feel of the ocean, eating a cool slice of watermelon in the summer or hearing a song that expands your feelings. All of these have the ability to open and strengthen the heart and increase love in our life. Beauty is an aspect of love that evokes and refines natural order and potential without dependency upon structure. Beauty offers us peace in our hearts and joy to our souls.

The Navajo offer this prayer on beauty:

In Beauty I walk

With Beauty before me I walk;

With Beauty behind me, I walk

With Beauty beneath me I walk;

With Beauty above me I walk;

With Beauty all around me I walk.

There are also essential oils that strengthen and soften the heart and open us up to all things beautiful. Some examples of essential oils would be Orange to brighten and lighten the heart. To invoke love, trust and self-acceptance are Rose, Rose geranium, and Tulsi as well as to balance and draw in love. A wonderful essential oil for healing the heart with stillness and unity may be Sandalwood. Mother nature provides everything for us to heal and magnetize to us what we need or desire in our lives. There are different oils for different needs. These needs change as we change. Also, a factor is body type when using oils.

I love the gifts that flower essences offer to us. Green Hope Farm in Meriden, NH is a wonderful supplier of flower essences. Green Hope offers a lovely book with hundreds of flowers and their benefits in it. Another option for flower essences is the company Lotuswei.

Luckily, we have in White River Junction the retail, and mail order, store Flourish which offers a ton of products to keep you healthy and beautiful.

In Love, Respect, and deep gratitude for Beauty.

“"I am indebted to Frances for balancing my energy. It was a catalyst for a multitude of steps towards self-healing. Frances awakened my "inner Goddess" whom I lost at age 3 in an effort to please the world that was mine. I am now 63. I can finally understand, accept and embrace myself and the path I am on."”

- RI (re-invented) Wilder, VT.